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April 2006     

"Imagine What YOU Could Do With Unlimited Access To IGR's Rapidly Growing, Fully Searchable Database of Exclusively Written, Private Label Articles Covering Over 40 (Forty!) of Today's Hottest Niche Topics"

...And by taking full advantage of IGR's innovative Cash for Content Program, your membership won't cost you a dime!

Dear Friend!

     Forgive my enthusiasm here, but this is the best thing to hit the net since...since...well, this is quite possible THE most powerful marketing and publishing resource to hit the web in the past decade - literally!

     If you're in a hurry click here:

     ANYone and EVERYone who is even the least bit serious about marketing and publishing (online OR off) will want to jump on this *immediately*.  As in *today*.  As in NOW.  (Chances are your competitors are joining as you read this!)

  ...It's called (IGR) and it's set to become the premier content provider to aspiring and current publishers and marketers worldwide...

     IGR is a true marketing breakthrough - the first-ever *private label* article resource featuring a rapidly growing selection of freshly written content covering today's most popular topics in over 40 categories...

     The "private label" component is HUGE.  It means that you can utilize the content that IGR provides in an endless variety of ways just as if you'd written it yourself!  You never have to credit the original article authors in any manner, and you can modify or add to the content IGR provides in any way you desire!

     The benefits and potential uses are virtually endless, but this should get you started:

  • - Create your own network of "niche" web-sites...Generate affiliate and Google Adsense (TM) income!
  • - Generate f/r/e/e web-site traffic through the major search engines!
  • - Add freshly written content to your existing sites on a regular basis.
  • - Start your own profitable "chain" of online or off line newsletters.
  • - Generate FREE traffic by utilizing our article content on blogs, forums and message boards!
  • - Create books and other information products forsale or distribution.
  • - And MUCH more!

     Do you like to write?  If so, you'll *love* IGR's (optional) Cash for Content Program.  But I won't "reveal all" here. To experience IGR for yourself check this out:

  ...IGR was Love at First "Site" for me!

     I can only speak for myself of course, but I'm going to be using IGR to generate *thousands* of dollars worth of web-site traffic and exposure for the products
and services that I promote (as they say, "content is king!").  With IGR's content I'll be able to generate unlimited traffic and it won't cost me a dime!

     And further, I'm going to use IGR to SAVE  thousands of dollars that I'd otherwise have to spend on freelance and ghost writers (and that's on TOP of saving myself
the hundreds of *hours* that I'd normally spend writing additional content myself).

     I expect to see you inside the IGR members' area soon!  Here's the link again:

Here for Your Success,

Karl Kinkel
Founder & President
Longsgap Services LLC
5262 Elk Creek Pkwy
Independence, VA  24348

P.S.  IGR currently has a special introductory price that I suspect won't last.  The more members that join, the more valuable IGR becomes (you'll see what I mean when you see how their Cash for Content Program works).  So now is the time!  If you ask
me they could easily charge 7 times what they are currently asking!


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Karl Kinkel
Longsgap Services LLC
5262 Elk Creek Pkwy
Independence, VA  24348
(276) 773-3730
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