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February 2006

"Marketing Tips & Tactics Newsletter"

Finding Your Voice

     Are you having trouble finding your natural voice when you’re writing? Does your copy seem too stilted, too correct? Does it lack the natural flow of a conversation? Would you like to just talk to your computer rather than type at the key-board?

     You can, you know. There are several software programs that allow you to do just that. I use “Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 preferred” (DNS8p) which is available through for less than $125. IBM-ViaVoice 10.0 isn’t rated nearly as high as DNS8p and I doubt it is as versatile.

     Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 preferred is a shell program that inserts speech into a program that accepts text. It dynamically adjusts to the voice that it hears and becomes more accurate as you use it. It works with Microsoft:

Outlook Express
Internet Explorer
Word Pad
Note Pad

It works with Coral:
Word Perfect

I use MSWord, Word Perfect and MSWord Pad on a regular basis. I dictate into Word Pad and copy the message to MSWord mostly. When you dictate into MSWord and want to change it later, it sometimes for me becomes a chore.

     You can create letters, reports, and e-mails. Create them, clean them up and have them read back to you by the software.

     DNS8p works faster than typing by hand and spelling is more accurate than a lot of typists. Most people speak at a rate greater than 160 words per minute and most typists type at around 40 words per minute.

     You can be productive on the go. Any Nuance certified hand held recording device can download to your computer and DNS8p can transcribe it to your document or report.

     This latest release of DNS8p is 25% more accurate than previous releases. It is up to 99% accurate and frequently more accurate than typing.

     From the time I took the DNS8p CD out of the box to install, until it was working for me, was less than an hour.

     So you see, there is an easy method for getting your message, in your own words, on the page efficiently.

How do you make a PDF from another document?

     If you want to publish an E-book or save your documents, e-mail and attachments or even Web-pages in a compressed and searchable format, what would you do? Adobe Acrobat has an entry price of $299. Adobe Acrobat Reader is probably the best known PDF reader and it’s free. And $299 is a little steep for me just to see if I like PDF files for publishing and searchable storage.

     If you look at deskPDF Professional (at you will find such features as document merging, encryption, converting hyperlinks, etc. All for $29.95.

     Another inexpensive choice is PDF Create!3 (at It will automatically merge multiple file types into a single compressed PDF document. The resulting document can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader. You can save Web pages -travel confirmations, online purchase receipts, search engine research and more - all will be searchable PDF files. You can have document security by having passwords for PDF files. You can control permission to edit, copy and print. All these benefits for $49.95.

      What ever you needs are for creation and/or storage of documents, PDF creation or conversion is a reasonably, economical way to do it.

I'm Karl Kinkel
Longsgap Services LLC
Founder & President
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