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May 2006

"Marketing Tips & Tactics Newsletter"
    This past week or so has been very distracting. My wife had a car wreck. The car was totaled but there were no significant physical injuries to either party. Praise God for all good things.

    Highway Patrol and Sheriff's Department were at the scene plus two fire trucks. The rescue squad had come and gone before I got there. A wrecker had to be contacted to haul our car away. Both insurance companies (ours and the other party’s) had to be contacted and appraised of the situation.

    The next day we picked up a rental car (covered by insurance). We also started researching for a replacement for the car that was totaled.

    Two days after that we started looking seriously for the car we wanted and would fit our budget. Fortunately, we did find it. The next day we went to our bank and arranged a loan (home equity for tax purposes).

    The following day we settled with the insurance company and credited the settlement to our loan. Also, we turned in the rental car.

    This may seem like a straightforward and smooth procedure to most of you but I assure you it distracted me from doing any creative writing for my business.

    So the question is ,“How do you get the creative juices flowing when you have a lot of  pressing house keeping chores?” Stress is not the best lubricant for creative thinking. Those who are able to function well under stress have something else going for them.

    Setting a reasonable goal and picturing in you mind a successful fulfillment of that goal is what Dr. Maxwell Maltz talks about in his writings about Psycho-Cybenetics. Dr. Maltz recomments:

    1. Set reasonable and doable goals.
    2. Picture yourself in you mind having a successful conclusion remembering past successes.
    3. Eliminate from your mind those memories of failure to reach your goals.

He says that failure should be looked at as mistakes or detours on the path to success and not as final or fatal outcome. You should learn from your mistakes but don’t be defeated by them. It works for me. If you want to know more about Psycho-Cybernetics and Zero Resistance Living, just contact Matt Furey at  and mention my name. Thanks.

Here's to your better creative thinking and action.

I'm Karl Kinkel
Longsgap Services LLC

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