Average Power Usage,
 Peak Power Usage,
 and Managing Peak Power

     Above is from my Appalachian Power bill for May 2009. Using the information provided my average daily power usage was:

          28319kwh / 366 days = 77.374 kwh /day         77.374 kwh / 24 hr = 3.224 kwh /hour

     To get your peak power consumption, you'd need to monitor the amount of power consumed during various peak consumption periods during the day for several days. December was my highest average consumption period at 4136 kwh.

4136 kwh / 31 days / 24 hours = 5.56 kwh / hour

     House guests, Christmas lighting, heating units running more because of the cold temperature and more lights in the house because of shorter daylight periods. Getting at the peak power number is more difficult unless you are monitoring you power consumption continuously.

     One of the ways would be to read your electric meter every hour to see what the consumption is for the most active times of the day when your water pump, water heater, air conditioner, room heaters, clothes dryer, oven and dishwasher all going at once.  These high power consumers probably won't come on and off at the same time but with refrigerators, lights, and tv's in the mix, you'll get a pretty good idea of what your max power needs are.

Managing Peak Power

     Your electric utility had different rates based on what your peak power demands might be. If you can reduce your peak power demand, you may qualify for a lower kwh rate.

     a. The first thing to do is make an inventory of all the electric power consuming devices in your home.

     b. Then determine each ones power requirements. Some will have them listed on the device or appliance, some list the power rating on the box. Some you'll find listed in tables.

      c. Next you arrange them to draw the least amount of power while still maintaining you life style. If you have two refrigerators, alternate their cooling cycle so they don't both run at the same time. Don't run you stove, clothes dryer, or dishwasher all at the same time. Take a look at this example Thanksgiving peak power.

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